A Little Lush Haul

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I'm not much of a Lush person. Don't get me wrong, everything smells absolutely amazing and I want it all - but I can't usually justify the price. The other day Lush had a buy one get one free deal on all of their Christmas items, so I forced my boyfriend (He secretly enjoyed it) to come in with me so I could pick out some things. To my surprise, their gift sets were included in the bogo deal so I grabbed the Christmas Candy Box Set. The store I was in had a smaller selection than most stores and nothing else was really standing out to me. One of the sale associates suggested I try their Celebrate Lotion and although I'm not usually one for lotion, this stuff smelled lovely and it was actually the same price as the gift set so I decided to pick it up as my free item. 

Here are the items that were included in the Christmas Candy Box Set ($32.95) 
Fun (Pink) 100g - A multipurpose product that can be used as a shampoo or soap in the tub or shower, or can be used as bubble bath by crumbling under the tap.
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar 40g - Smooth over arms and shoulders for soft skin.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml - A shower gel that can also be used as shampoo.
Bubble Gum Lip Scrub 25g - Use this scrub to exfoliate dry lips.

I think all of the items included in this gift set are the perfect size! I look forward to trying them out, especially the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I'm also very excited to try the Celebrate Lotion, it has a beautiful scent and is thick and creamy in texture, I think it will be a real life saver for my skin this Winter!

I'm sure I'll love these products so be on the look out for a review in the future!

What are your favourite Lush products?

Take care!

10 comments on "A Little Lush Haul"
  1. Lush is my favourite Bath and Body brand~ ^ ^
    I love their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars the most! ^ - ^


    1. I can understand why! Their products are lovely.

      Ali x

  2. I love the Mint Julips lip scrub and American Cream conditioner, it smells like strawberry milkshake! I really want to try the Snow Fairy shower gel though.

    Lucie x


    1. Ooo I'll look into those next time I go in! I've been wanting to try one of their shampoos or conditioners :)

      Ali x

  3. Really enjoy your photographs and I obviously really love Lush x

    Wishing you a very very lovely new year.

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

    1. Aw thank you so much :) Happy new year!

      Ali x

  4. I regret not checking out the sale! I didn't check out any sales this year and I'm annoyed with myself for not having a look haha. I'd love to give Fun a go, sounds cool that it has multiple uses :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Haha I purposely didn't look at sales so that I wouldn't spend money.. but then the Lush sale popped up on my Instagram feed and I gave in. Fun looks really cool, I haven't tried it or the massage bar yet!

      Ali x

  5. Lush do some amazing bath and skincare products. I really wish I stocked up on Snow Fairy in the sale now x


    1. They really do. Next time you should definitely get it, it smells amazing!

      Ali x


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