Ah, Amsterdam!

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I'll start off this blog post with saying this: If you are going to Europe, you absolutely must visit Amsterdam. It's such a unique city, full of history and innovation. My boyfriend Tyler is dutch and has been to Amsterdam four times, so I may be a little biased but I truly believe that Amsterdam is my favourite place to be besides home. We've even talked about living there once Tyler gets his dutch citizenship. It's so cozy and inviting. 

There are so many spots around Amsterdam that are special to Tyler and his family, and it was so neat to see them in person. When Tyler's grandma was hiding from a nazi behind a stone wall, she carved an X into it and that X is still there to this day! I also saw the bridge where Tyler's grandpa had his bike stolen by a nazi.

Amsterdam is so cozy and beautiful. They have these tiny little homes that are squished together since The Netherlands is so tiny. We got our own apartment and we really felt like locals, it was actually really fun to go down to Albert Heijn and pick up our groceries and walk back to the apartment. Everything in Amsterdam is pretty much walking distance or a short tram ride. Oh, they also have super steep, windy stairs! We got used to them pretty quick, but I can't imagine running down these stairs without face planting!

Another reason you must go is because dutch food is absolutely delicious. I tried uitsmijter, poffertjes, croquette, bitterballen (pictured above) and appeltaart. Seriously, so amazing. I'm salivating just thinking about it.. ugh! 

Anyway, in closing, Amsterdam is simply amazing.. all of it. I think everyone should go and see it even just once, because it's so unique. I just can't wait to go back! Have you guys ever been?

Take care!

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